Close-up of a woman flossing his teeth with dental floss

Water Flossing Vs. String Flossing

So what about those water flossers? Do they really work? Do they work as good as string flossing? Well you can rely on your dental office in Rexburg to answer these questions. We’ll talk about the comparisons and in the end hopefully you’ll know which is better for you between flossing with string or water.

Let’s talk about price. Obviously flossing string is quite inexpensive. Compared to a water flosser were you’ll spend somewhere between $30-$70. Which if you use for a extended time will be worth it.

Ease of use. This comes down to a lot of preference. Some people are okay with dealing with string and flossing each tooth. For others, it can be quite a big pain. That’s when the water flosser can be more convenient and a great alternative for many.

Which is better for your teeth? There has been a lot of debate on this subject of whether the flossing does as good a job as string. However, most dentist have agreed that water flossing should not replace manual string flossing.

To dig a litter deeper, dentist say that although water flossing does a great job it still can’t do the scraping motion that string will do. When we floss with string it literally scraps in between your teeth which remove most plaque if not all plaque

When should you use a water flosser? For the most part dentist will recommend that you floss your teeth with string, there are however a few exceptions. 1. Braces, when you have braces it makes it quite difficult to floss with string. Because braces make it difficult and you only have them for a limited time, dentist might recommend that you use a water flosser. 2. Sensitive gums, people with sensitive gums may find that water flossing is much more comfortable and lessens the pain if you have sensitive gums.

If you have any questions about which route you should go contact your dental office in Rexburg. We’ll be happy to advice you on the correct way to take care of your teeth. Please come in to see us at our dental office in Rexburg at 556 Trejo St Suite C.