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Tooth Extraction

There are many reasons for a professional tooth extraction, or removal. I know I can’t be alone in hoping that my  wisdom teeth were the last to go. Tooth extraction is not normally a procedure people look forward to. But, in every case a tooth is only removed when absolutely necessary.


6 Reasons for Tooth Extraction:

  1. Damage or Decay: not every tooth can be saved. If the decay is severe, it is best for your health to remove the tooth before it causes other problems.
  2. Infected Teeth: those who suffer with weakened immune systems struggle to fight infections. If the infection cannot be properly treated, the tooth will need removed.
  3. Overcrowding: it is not uncommon for someone to have too many teeth crowding up their mouth. One or more teeth will be removed to allow for proper space.
  4. Preparing for Braces: similar to overcrowding, a tooth or two may need removed to prepare for the rearrangement about to take place.
  5. Baby Teeth: stubborn baby teeth can get in the way of a permanent tooth trying to make their debut. If a primary tooth is refusing to go, a dentist will have to remove it.
  6. Wisdom Teeth: these ‘third molars’ appear in your late teens or early 20’s. Most people need them removed due to a lack of space. It is also common for removal due to infection or decay.


Extraction Types

There are two different methods a dentist will use to extract a tooth: simple and surgical.


A simple extraction involves the dentist loosening the tooth with a tool referred to as an elevator and then removing it with forceps. This method is used on the teeth that are easily seen and accessed without having to cut into the gum line.


A surgical extraction is used when the gum line must be cut in order to remove the tooth. Surgical extractions may also involve removal of a small portion of bone that surrounds the tooth. This method is used for the teeth that have not yet erupted the gum line or were unable to be removed using the simple method. Because it is a more complex procedure, your dentist will be sure to put your comfort into consideration with local anesthetic or even general anesthesia if your situation calls for it.


If you are needing a tooth removed, you have nothing to fear! At Eagle Rock Dental Care we will be there to take care of you every step of the way. Your comfort and satisfaction are our main focus. Our trusted, professional staff will be sure you get through the procedure comfortably. Contact us today at any one of our three southeastern Idaho locations, or simply request an appointment online.