Dentist learning little girl patients how to brush her teeth with toothbrush. Selective focus. Focus on little girl.

Tips and Trick to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Many parents try again and again to get their kids to brush their teeth on a regular basis without constant nagging. Sound familiar? If so, then this article is for you. Here’s 4 tips and tricks to make your child love brushing his or her teeth everyday!

1. Dance, Play, and Brush to Music. Everyone loves music, especially when the beat and rhythm make you want to dance around the room. Kids, are the same way. They love to hear fun music. Next time your child doesn’t want to brush his teeth. Play some fun music from your phone, make a game of singing, dancing and of course brushing around the bathroom.

2. Make up a fun story. Kids are captivated by good stories (as well as adult I might add) Making up a fun story will take your child’s brushing to the next level. Tell your kids about the evil sugar monster that are out for beautiful white teeth and that the only way for those little sugar monster to go away is by wielding a large power toothbrush. You’ll love it when they start brushing intensely to take care of those sugar monsters.

3. Make Daily Brushing a Family Activity. Kids, feel less inspired to brush their teeth when they have to do it alone. Kids like being with mom and dad and also love following mom and dad’s example. So next time your child doesn’t want to brush his teeth make it a family deal and get the whole family to brush their teeth. They will follow your example!

4. Expand the arena! Brushing your teeth in the bathroom can be quite boring. So, why not make brushing your teeth an activity you can do anywhere. Like while driving to the store, playing in the lawn or at the park. They’ll find that brushing really isn’t that bad if you shake up the location every so often.

Remember, brushing isn’t a chore but is something that can be made fun and will help your kids have wonderful bright teeth. If you have any question concerning your kid’s teeth be sure to contact your local Rexburg dentist.

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