Baby chewing on teething ring toy

Teething Troubles

The most difficult person to deal with is arguably a teething toddler. Say what you will about the ‘terrible two’s’, I’m more concerned about the ‘terrible teether’s’. To make matters even worse, teething lasts over two years. Teething starts around six months of age and your child isn’t expected to have a full set of baby teeth until about age three.

We need to cut those poor little guys some slack. It can’t be that easy to cut teeth. For me, a simple toothache can throw my whole life out of balance. Dealing with the consistent pain of several teeth fighting their way through the gum line, I’d be grumpy too! Here are a few symptoms to look out for, and some remedies you can try.


  1. Irritability
  2. Fussiness
  3. Difficulty Sleeping
  4. Decrease in Appetite
  5. Excess Drooling

Unusual Symptoms

  1. Fever
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Rash

Be sure to contact your pediatrician if these symptoms occur along with teething.


  1. Massage the Gums: gently rub the swollen area of gums with your clean finger, a cool spoon, or even a moist rag.
  2. Teething toys: solid rubber teething toys are your safest bet. Be sure to do your research on the products you buy before allowing your baby to put it in their mouth.
  3. Teething gels and tablets are options for older children, usually after two years of age. Be sure to consult your child’s dentist or pediatrician before going this route.
  4. Be cautious of home remedies: best rule of thumb is to always consult the dentist or pediatrician before trying anything new.


It is not necessary to take a child to the dentist until about a year of age, but if you have any questions or concerns prior to that time be sure give Eagle Rock Dental Care a call. We have been proudly serving the Southeastern Idaho areas for over 45 years. Contact us with any questions and be sure to jump online to schedule your child’s first appointment with us!