Dying Tooth

Rest in Peace, Teeth

Tooth death is a real problem. Yes, I said death. Believe it or not, your teeth are alive. Ultimately, this means that they can die. This death can occur because of something as simple as a cavity. Make sure you are keeping up a good oral hygiene routine to save yourself from death, tooth death that is.


How They Live

Here’s a little anatomy lesson to help you understand how your teeth our actually alive. The outer layer of your tooth is referred to as enamel. It is a strong, calcified shell that protects the inner workings of the tooth. The inner layer of a tooth is referred to as dentin, or pulp. Dentin contains blood vessels, nerves and other tissue. The nerves and blood vessels are the reason teeth live.


How They Die

When a tooth loses its blood supply, it dies. There are several ways a tooth can become decayed, and if decay is severe enough it can kill the tooth. But here are three leading causes to tooth death:

1. Untreated Cavity
2. Physical Trauma
3. Cracked/Broken Tooth


How They Are Saved

Root Canals. Trust me; root canals are your friend. A root canal is a much better alternative to dealing with a dead, abscessed tooth. If the damage is caught in time, a dentist or endodontist can save the outer layer of your tooth and repair it. In serious cases you may also require a crown, or even a tooth extraction.


Signs of Tooth Death

1. Discoloration: tooth will appear yellow, faded brown, gray, or even black
2. Odorous breath
3. Unpleasant taste in your mouth
4. Swelling gums

If you notice any of these signs, contact your dentist right away!


At Eagle Rock Dental Care, we understand the seriousness of a dying, or dead tooth. To save you from infections and other problems down the road, let’s take care of you right away! Contact us if you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help. You can call us to make your appointment, or simply request your appointment online today.