Two business people smiling and looking down at a business meeting

Psychology Of Clean Teeth

It’s always important to learn why we do certain things. Why you go through all the time, money, and pain of going to the dentist. It obvious that we do it so that our teeth will feel good because let’s face it, theirs not many things more uncomfortable then having a tooth ache! And then we also like to be healthy and have our teeth look nice. But, my question is what does clean teeth and a good smile do for us psychologically? There are many reasons but here’s just a few.

1. Builds Self Confidence. Its clear that when we have a clean smile that our self esteem will be much better. That’s because we’ll feel better about our appearance. Its known that when we put in time to look nice and dress nice that we feel better about ourselves. Same thing with our teeth if we put in the time to make our teeth look nice we’ll ultimately have better self esteem.

2. First Impressions. Not matter what you do, we all like making a good first impression to people we meet and we want them to think of us as important. At dental school they say “After a handshake, a friendly smile is one of the most important elements in creating a good first impression.”

3. Mood Enhancer. When we love our teeth we tend to want to show them more. And how do we show them? By smiling! The more we smile the more we feel better psychologically and as we feel better we will continue to keep on smiling!

A healthy clean smile, starts with doing your regular brushing and flossing and then continues as you visit your local Rexburg dentist! Let us help you with all your dental care so that your smile will continue shining bright.

At Eagle Rock Dental in Rexburg we want you feel confident in your smile. Be sure to contact us and schedule an appointment!