brushing teeth to protect enamel

2 Steps to Protect Enamel

Enamel is the protective outer layer of your teeth. It is strong, but not impermeable. Enamel can wear and weaken when not properly cared for. This leaves your teeth at greater risk for decay. Luckily, there are steps we can take to protect enamel and improve its function.

1. Be mindful of your diet

Careful with the Cola

Sodas are a delicious, bubbly treat but they have nothing good to offer your teeth. And it’s not just the sugar; diet sodas are just as acidic and damaging to the enamel. If skipping the soda simply isn’t in the stars for you, try following the can with water to rinse your teeth.

Easy on the Oranges

Now, we never say no to calcium but citrus fruits, like oranges, wear down your enamel. The acidity of these delicious foods is powerful enough to take on the toughest layer of your teeth. Don’t worry, there’s no need to cut citrus out all together. Just do your best to brush or rinse after if you can.

Keep up the Calcium

While oranges have a great deal of calcium, a better source of calcium to protect enamel is dairy. Milk is great for your dental health because of the high calcium content and low acidity. Best of both worlds. So, enjoy a tall glass, and pair it with some cheese while your at it.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Similar to sodas, alcoholic drinks tend to have high sugar content as well as high acidity. That is just a terrible pair for teeth. Dark drinks like wine can also stain the enamel. But, like everything else, enjoy in moderation and follow it up with some water for a rinse.


2. Follow a Dental Hygiene Routine

You Must Brush

Brushing (at least) twice daily is essential if you want to protect enamel. Using a fluoride toothpaste and brushing gently helps too. Brushing too intensely can scratch away at the enamel you work so hard to shield.

Water and Fluoride Rinses

After a big meal or indulging in acidic food or drink, rinsing makes all the difference. Wiping that acidity or sugar away from the teeth keeps it from clinging on and causing further damage.

Bi-Annual Dental Visits

Getting a teeth cleaning and exam regularly is crucial for strong enamel. Your dentist can help you to keep your hygiene routine on track, and give you extra tips! If you enamel is still suffering, a dentist can also help find underlying problems like acid re-flux or teeth grinding.


Eagle Rock Dental Care is here to help you protect enamel at all costs. We know how important it is keep your smile strong and bright. Contact us today if you are worried about your enamel, or if you have any questions. Or if you are ready for us to take a look, simply request your appointment online or give us a call!