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7 Signs of a Misaligned Bite

A misaligned bite is not just referring to an over or under bite. Any obstruction like crooked or overcrowded teeth will result in misalignment. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, get yourself in to see the dentist.

# 1 Pain

In any situation, pain is the first sign that something is up. This pain will be associated with chewing, brushing and even talking.

#2 Difficulty Eating

A misaligned bite makes it difficult to chew your food properly. It will take you longer to prepare a bite to swallow and result in a sore jaw.

#3 Out of Breath

Your teeth are directly related to your physical health. And one of the most important parts of our physical health is breathing. A misaligned bite results in frequent, unintentional mouth breathing and can even contribute to sleep apnea problems.

#4 Muffled Speech

A stiff jaw is a common result of a misaligned bite. This stiffness will cause you to have difficulty pronouncing your words.

#5 Un-centered Smile

Face symmetry is very important in the world of attraction. The space between your front two teeth should be in line with your nose and center of your chin.

#6 Headaches

Headaches get their own section because they are more than just pain. Headaches can ruin your day. If the culprit is a misaligned bite, these headaches will be life alteringly frequent.

#7 Cheek Biting

Self-inflicted pain is the worst kind! Not only does it catch you off guard, but it can be so embarrassing. If your bite is misaligned you will frequently find yourself wounding your cheeks, tongue and lips.

# 8 Worn Teeth

Overcrowding and misplacement will cause a lot of tension. This tension will wear on your teeth and slowly grind them down. This leads to a lot of pain and sensitivity.

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