Closeup on happy young woman eating christmas cookie

Holiday Dental Tips

The holiday season is upon us. With all the sweet treats and late night snacking, the only downer on the season is the toll on your dental health. Let’s keep the focus on your family and fun. Here are a few dental tips to keep this holiday season full of joy and free of cavities.


1. Food Is Not Your Enemy

There are plenty of foods that keep your teeth bright and strong. Feel free to indulge on the cheese and veggie plates. Vitamin rich foods, especially with calcium are greatly beneficial to the health of your teeth. Don’t think of food as your enemy this holiday season. But rather, think of how it could be of benefit to you.

2. Careful with the Candy Canes

Hard candies are harsh on teeth. The sugar sticks around for a surprisingly long time. Treats like candy canes are also dangerous to chew. Teeth are incredibly strong, but can be cracked and broken by the tempting sweets. Sucking on the candies may be a better alternative; although, the sugar will still stick around. Enjoy your sweets at your own risk.

3. Don’t Sacrifice your Hygiene

Our schedules tend to get a bit insane this time of year to say the least. All the parties, and family get together’s keep us running. Do your best to not let your morning and evening routines falter. Brushing and flossing twice daily is your best bet to keeping your teeth at their healthiest.

4. Hydrate and Rinse

Your best friend through the holiday season is water, water, and more water. Keeping well hydrated is healthy for your digestion as well as your teeth. Hydration is not the only benefit. Using water to rinse after meals and snacks does wonders for your dental hygiene. Even a simple rinse of those teeth will protect them from cavities and tooth decay.

5. White Over Red, Apple Over Grape

Dark beverages are notorious for leaving their mark on your smile. Opt for a glass of white wine instead of red, or a glass of apple juice over grape or cranberry. These simple changes help you to protect your teeth without sacrificing your celebration.

6. New Year’s Cleaning

One of the best possible times to schedule your biannual cleaning is at the beginning of the year. Get a nice, deep clean on those teeth following all the craziness of the holidays. Wash away all the left over evidence of a holiday season well celebrated.


Be sure to call Eagle Rock Dental Care to schedule your post holiday dental cleaning. We are here to help you recover from all the wonderful celebrations. The holiday season should put a sparkle in your eyes, without dulling the sparkle of your smile. You can contact us at any one of our three Idaho offices. Don’t hesitate, and request your appointment online today!