Young man checking his breath with hand.

Halitosis: Battling Bad Breath

Halitosis, also known as chronic bad breath, is not just the simple result of half-hearted brushing. It is a severe, lasting symptom of an underlying problem. Use all the mouthwash and mints that you please, but this bad breath will only be resolved with the diagnosis and treatment of the source. Here are the most common causes of halitosis:


Untreated Dental Problems

Ailments to your teeth only leave spaces for germs, leftover food and bacteria to hide. All types of dental problems will contribute to bad breath. Halitosis is a known side effect of gum disease, but even a simple cavity could be the problem. If you can’t seem to keep a fresh mouth, have your dentist take a look.


Your sinuses and throat are connected to your dental health. Bacteria or infection anywhere from the tip of your nose to your throat could be the source of your troubles. Your body secretes fluids and mucus when it is fighting off bacteria or infection. Unfortunately, these fluids do not come with an unscented option. Sinus and tonsil infections are known to cause halitosis.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is essential to your dental health. It is constantly clearing your teeth of bacteria, debris and acid. Without proper moisture your mouth is left defenseless. According to the American Dental Association, dry mouth can be caused by medications, certain medical conditions, alcohol use, tobacco use or excessive caffeine. Luckily, this comes with a simple remedy once your identify the culprit.

Tobacco Use

Tobacco leaves behind a scent of its own, but it also is a very common cause of halitosis. With use of tobacco, it is more likely to develop gum disease and dry mouth. Both of which, we have already established, lead to bad breath.


No one wants to struggle with bad breath, especially chronic bad breath. Don’t be embarrassed to bring it up with your dentist. Once you figure out what is causing your halitosis, it is easy to resolve. As long as you take care of your physical health along with your dental health, you should be able to prevent halitosis all together.

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