Tooth Fillings

Fixing Those Fillings

When a filling wears thin or breaks it is so frustrating. The last thing you want to do is go through the process again to fix a problem you thought was already resolved. The sad truth is, fillings don’t last forever. But, there are ways to keep them lasting longer before needing them replaced. Fillings become comprised in many different ways, but with proper care you can get your money’s worth.


Losing a Filling

Here are three of the most common experiences when a filling is lost:

  1. It pops off partially or completely and you bite down on it or feel it in your mouth.
  2. It slowly wears or chips and you don’t realize until there is a noticeable cavity left.
  3. The dentist notices the filling needs replaced and properly removes it.

Obviously, the third option is the only one you want to experience. In the first two cases, the best thing you can do is to contact your dentist right away. Don’t wait! Broken fillings are extra susceptible to the bacteria that enters our mouths throughout the day. It is always best to address the problem before it has a chance to escalate.


Why a Filling Falls Out

Like I said before, fillings don’t last forever. Here are some of the reasons our fillings fail:

  1. Time: just your everyday wear and tear takes its toll.
  2. Grinding/Clenching: fillings fall under the pressure.
  3. Poor Hygiene: bacteria untouched can seep in under the edges of a filling and compromise it.
  4. Poor Diet: hard foods and acidic drinks can break or wear out a filling faster than expected.


Caring for Your Filling

The best way to care for any dental treatment is with proper hygiene. Keeping bacteria and plaque under control will help to lengthen the life of your fillings, your enamel, your gums and your precious porcelains. The next best thing is regularly visiting the dentist. Not only for your bi-annual visits, but especially if you notice something out of the ordinary. The American Dental Association says, ‘regular dental examinations are important because problems with existing fillings generally can be detected in the early stage’. Early detection and proper hygiene are your best bet for healthy fillings.


At Eagle Rock Dental Care we will take care of your fillings through every phase. Our trained staff works hard to make sure your fillings last. Contact us at any of our three Southeastern Idaho locations or simply request your appointment online!