Perfect smile after laser teeth whitening

Dental Lasers: Zapping Your Way to Cleaner Teeth

Dental Lasers tend to only associate in our brains with dental surgery. It sounds a bit scary to think of using a laser for just an average dental visit. The technology of these lasers is always improving and has become an excellent option for improving comfort, cleanliness, and the health of your teeth.

Here are just a few of the many uses of dental lasers:

  1. Removal of Tooth Decay: dental lasers are so precise they can be the perfect option to remove decay from an otherwise healthy tooth. This is a quick option for preparing enamel for a filling.
  2. Reshape Gums: Lasers are used for gingivectomy or the removal of gum tissue. This procedure is common for those with gum disease or gingivitis. These lasers help to shape the gums around the teeth without scaring.
  3. Root Canals: similar to the decay removal process, lasers are a great option for removing bacteria during a root canal. It is crucial that all bacteria is removed before the crown is sealed. Dental lasers don’t give bacteria a fighting chance.
  4. Canker Sores: lasers that are designed for soft tissue removal are great for removing canker sores. Studies even show that using a laser to treat a canker sore will reduce the chances of it coming back.
  5. Teeth whitening: lasers can be used as a heat source to help enhance and cure teeth whitening treatments.
  6. Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR): as I’ve said before, lasers are the perfect option for bacteria removal. Dental lasers can even be used for your regular biannual cleaning! These lasers will give you a ‘cleaner cleaning’ by enhancing the removal of bacteria. Ask your hygienist about LBR on your next visit!
  7. Frenectomy/Frenulectomy: These procedures involve the removal of tissue to loosen the tightness in your mouth. Frenectomies remove tissue that connects the gums to the lips and causes difficulty opening the mouth. A frenectomy (also known as a frenulectomy or frenotomy) is the removal of extra tissue under the tongue causing a ‘tongue-tie’. This extra tissue can cause eating disabilities in infants. Dental Lasers provide a fast healing solution.


Diode Laser

Eagle Rock Dental Care is the proud owner of the Diode soft tissue laser. This tool is a great addition to our facility to help offer you the personalized comfort care that you deserve! The diode laser is a great option to use for many procedures. It is gentle (much better than a scalpel) and promotes fast healing.

Our laser is much less invasive than other tissue treatments, causing little to no pain, and sterilizing as it treats! If you are interested in any of the listed treatments above or have any questions about our laser – please contact us or schedule an appointment today!