woman have sensitive teeth

Cold Sensitive Teeth

It’s that time of year where you walk outside and the cold actually burns. Let’s be honest, it is just so dang cold it hurts. While that is pretty common around these parts, you should only be worried if the cold starts to hurt your teeth. Cold sensitive teeth are common, but it’s not a good sign. This means that the nerves of the tooth have somehow become exposed. There are a few different causes of cold sensitivity. Look these over to see what is causing the winter air to hurt your teeth as well as the rest of your face.


1. Poor Hygiene:

This is number one on any dental causation list because poor dental hygiene leads to tooth decay. Even in the early stages, tooth decay weakens the enamel. This then exposes the nerves of the tooth to be sensitive to the elements. Be sure you are brushing and flossing twice daily to improve your oral health.

2. Worn Enamel:

The food you eat, the dental products you use, and your genetics all have an effect on the state of your enamel. Limit the acidic foods you eat, only use dentist recommended products and be gentle even when brushing your pearly whites to keep that enamel protected.

3. Grinding Teeth:

Grinding your teeth hurts the enamel and your gum line. This usually happens subconsciously so look for the signs. Not just tooth sensitivity but a tight jaw and headaches as well.

4. Receding Gums:

Your gums also help protect the nerve of the tooth. When the gums recede, the teeth are left unprotected and vulnerable. Take care of your gums as well as your teeth and let your dentist know if you see any changes.

5. Chipped/Damaged Tooth:

Not just the large chips, but even a scratch. A small injury to the tooth may go unnoticed but cause serious sensitivity. Let a trained eye take a look to help you sort out the cause of your symptoms.

6. Cavities:

If you suddenly have cold sensitive teeth, you may have just developed a cavity. Especially if the sensitivity is pinpointed to one location. This is a quick fix. Let your dentist know right away so you can get the pain to stop.


Cold sensitive teeth are downright painful. You don’t need to endure any extra pain from the cold this winter. Let Eagle Rock Dental Care know right away if you are experiencing the symptoms. It’s always better to get the issue addressed right away before more serious problems develop. Contact us at any of our three local Idaho locations, or request your appointment online. We want to keep you smiling, even through the cold winter months.