mother and daughter brushing each other's teeth

Brushing Teeth: 6 Ways to Make it Fun

If your kiddo is anything like mine, brushing teeth is a fight. I’m telling you, he fights me tooth and nail! They say, ‘pick your battles’ and this is a battle parents need to win. But the thing is, the best way to win the battle is to stop fighting. Here are a few ideas to switch up your routine to get your child to actually want to brush their teeth.


1. Routines:

Whoever said routines were fun is losing it, but I’m here to tell you consistency is key! Every kiddo is different. Some thrive on routines, some need you to switch it up. You know your child best, so I’ll let you be the judge. That being said, it is a good idea to try brushing teeth at the same time every single day. Get it engraved into their growing minds that this has to be a daily task.

2. Independence:

Let them make it their own. Even the younger kiddos that need your help. Take turns, let them explore the toothbrush themselves. Let go of the reins a little bit and give them the chance to figure it out on their own. They will love seeing you beam with pride as they catch on to the routine!

3. Make it a Game

Tooth brushing doesn’t have to be straight business. Using large motor skills and big movements helps kids to switch focus to a small motor skill like brushing teeth. Try jumping to the sink each morning, or a fun twirl after each spit. Keep it simple and switch it up it keep it fun for everyone.

4. Lead by Example

Brushing your own teeth at the same time really helps kids to grasp the concept. Take it one step further and let your kiddo brush your teeth for you! They will love it more than you, I’m sure, but it helps them to see more clearly what is expected of them. Also, try having them brush their teeth in front of the mirror while you talk them through the motions.

5. Picking a Toothbrush

To get your kiddo excited about  brushing, let them choice their own equipment. Have them pick out a couple toothbrushes and even a toothpaste if they really insist. There are so many fun tools to help get kids brushing. Toothbrushes these days vibrate, light up and even play music: use it to your advantage!

6. Keep it Positive

The best thing you can do to make brushing teeth a positive experience is to keep yourself positive. I know I struggle to not get frustrated, but our kids feed off our emotions. Show excitement every time it’s brushing time and soon they will follow suit!


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