Tooth human implant. Dental implantation concept. Human teeth or dentures anddental tools. 3d illustration

8 Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants, or titanium root replacements, are a great option for replacing missing teeth under a whole variety of conditions. Other options like dentures and bridges can have some annoying side effects and aren’t nearly as durable as implants. Implants are a great way to replace a missing tooth (or teeth) that gives you a final product that looks just as great as your natural teeth. Who needs a strong and steady hand when you have a glowing, sturdy smile?

Here are a few of the many benefits of dental implants:

  1. Sturdy and Stable: implants don’t come loose like dentures. Because the entire tooth is replaced down to the root- these implants are here to stay.
  2. Implants Stand Alone: many replacement options require the filing down or anchoring of adjacent teeth. Implants will not affect surrounding teeth. By not putting other teeth at risk, implants are a very healthy option for tooth replacement.
  3. All Nat-ur-al: because implants are so sturdy they create a very natural feel and function. Implants function exactly like your normal teeth leaving you worry-free.
  4. InsurMOUNTable: implants provide great stability to those who require dentures. Dentures can be mounted to implants to stop all slipping and shifting! This will help with eating, drinking, and even just talking without embarrassing slipping of teeth.
  5. Long Lasting: Implants have a 10-25 year expected longevity. The durability of these babies really pays off!
  6. Protects Healthy Bone: leaving a gap after losing a tooth allows bacteria to pile up and can lead to lots of health issues. It’s best to get a replacement as soon as possible.
  7. NO CAVITIES: if only we could just replace all of our teeth with implants: am I right?!
  8. Not Removable: how nice would it be to not have to take out your dentures each night and replace them each morning? Implants can provide you with the permanent restoration you so desperately desire.

Unfortunately, dental implants can be a long process depending on your situation. To ensure the stability and strength of the implant you will need healthy gums and bone. In some cases, implantation will require ‘bone grafting’. This process can take a few months, but implants are for sure worth the wait! This grafting will help to add density to the bone which will provide the needed security for the implants.

Our professional team at Eagle Rock Dental Care is happy to help you through the whole process! Most of the treatment can be performed right in our offices. If you are ready to get a more permanent, comfortable solution to your tooth loss please come our way! Contact us with any and all of your questions and don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment online.