Dentist curing a woman patient in the dental office in a pleasant environment. There are specialized equipment to treat all types of dental diseases in the office.

Don’t Fall Prey to These 6 Dental Myths

Some myths have been around for so long, no one seems to question them. Well, it’s time to put these myths to bed. If you are guilty of any of the following, it may be time to change up your dental hygiene routine.

MYTH NO 1: Don’t brush or floss if your gums are bleeding.

It’s natural to not want to irritate an area that is bleeding, but in this case, it is likely necessary. Think about it like this: if your leg was bleeding your first step would be to clean the wound right? Same idea here. Bleeding gums are often caused by debris or food that is caught. Avoiding brushing and flossing will only make things worse! If bleeding persists, call your dentist.

MYTH NO 2: Brushing more often will make your teeth healthier.

There are a lot of myths revolved around how often to brush. Brushing too seldom or too often can be detrimental to the health of our teeth. If you don’t brush often enough plaque buildup will put you at risk. If you brush too often you could be damaging fragile enamel. It is best to stick to the recommendation of twice daily unless otherwise advised by a dentist.

MYTH NO 3: Children don’t need to visit the dentist until they get their permanent teeth.

Just because baby teeth will all eventually fall out, doesn’t mean that they don’t need proper tending to. Baby teeth serve as important placeholders for our secondary teeth. If baby teeth fall out prematurely, the secondary teeth can start to drift into the empty space eventually leading to crooked or crowded teeth.

MYTH NO 4: Pregnant women must avoid ALL dental procedures.

Normal dental check-ups are perfectly normal for a pregnant woman. X-rays and surgeries are the procedures that need to be avoided during this time. If you aren’t sure about which procedures are safe, talk with your dentist and obstetrician.

MYTH NO 5: Teeth Whitening is harmful to teeth.

While it is true that some whitening methods can damage your tooth’s enamel, when professionally whitened you can be sure that your teeth are safe. There are even safe take-home whitening options you could try! Talk to your dentist about your whitening options.

MYTH NO 6: No pain, no problem.

All too often we think that we can skip our 6-month check-up because as far as we can tell, there is nothing wrong. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make concerning your oral health. It is always better to catch a problem early. Pain is not always an initial symptom of dental issues. Make sure you get your check-ups twice a year to keep your smile bright and healthy!

At Eagle Rock Dental Care in Rexburg, we are here to help you determine the myths from the facts. Contact us today with any questions you might have! And now with our online option, scheduling an appointment is easier than ever!