mother and daughter brushing each other's teeth

3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Teeth Healthy All Year Long

With the start of the school year, we hope you’ve had a chance to see your Rexburg kids dentist before the rush. But if you haven’t, there’s no time like the present. However, if you can wait a few weeks, dentist offices usually begin to slow down a few weeks after school begins, so scheduling your dental appointment a little later will be much easier without having to work around a bunch of other appointments. 

Along with sticking with your regular back-to-school dentist appointments, there are steps that you, as a parent or guardian, can take to ensure that your child’s teeth remain healthy and strong all year long.


Schedule a Dental Checkup at Least Twice a YearMid section view of a dentist examining a girl teeth

Part of keeping your child’s teeth healthy happens outside the home, namely at the dentist’s office. The best way to make sure that your child is taking care of their teeth properly and to prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease is to take them to see their Rexburg family dentist at least twice a year. A lot can change in six months, so just taking your child once a year isn’t going to cut it. Contact your dentist to create an appointment that works best for you and your child’s schedule. Try to avoid making appointments right before holidays and the beginning of the school year, since those are the busiest and most difficult times to get an appointment with your dentist.

Teach & Model Good Habits

At home, a simple way to show your child how to take care of their smile is to model good dental hygiene habits. Showing your child that you brush your teeth in the morning and at night will make them more apt to want to do the same. Additionally, make sure that you are teaching your child proper brushing and flossing techniques. If you are unsure how or with what your child should be brushing and/or flossing their teeth, ask your child’s dentist. At Eagle Rock Dental Care, we are more than happy to show our patients how brushing and flossing should look and feel in order to set your kids up for success. 

Limit Sugary Drinks & Foods

Along with modeling good dental habits and taking your kids to see their Rexburg dentist twice a year, another key element in making sure your children’s teeth remain healthy and strong for years to come is to avoid giving them sugary foods and drinks on regular basis and instead limit it to special occasions. Even drinking juice throughout the day can increase the risk of cavities, so whenever you can opt for healthy foods like fruits and vegetables (which naturally help to clean teeth) instead of candy and treats and only give them juice or sugary beverages once in a while. 

If you still need to get your child in for a checkup for the school year, we invite you to contact our Rexburg  family dental office at your earliest convenience.