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3 Things You Should Never Put in Your Mouth

Multiple times a day we are eating and putting a variety of things in our mouths! Do you ever stop to think if that food/thing in your putting in your mouth will damage your teeth? Well being your Dentists in Rexburg who want to help your teeth, here’s a few things you should think about….

Ice Cubes. Yep, that’s right ice cubes. Who knew that frozen solid ice cubes were bad to chew? Believe it or not biting on something as hard as ice cubes actually can cause you to use your jaw muscles so intensely it can cause micro fractures in your teeth. Which obviously is not to great. Next time on a hot day you feel like chewing ice cubes, think twice.
Soda. Most of use know that a delicious soda is not to good for our waistline but as you might guess its not to healthy for our teeth as well. Here’s why. Soda is extremely acidic, the acids found in soda are actually more damaging then sugar and will actually erode your tooth enamel. Of course sugar is bad as well and the reason is, is because sugar feeds on the bad bacteria in your mouth and makes it worst.
Opening bottles and packages. As you might guess biting hard objects is not too good for your teeth. We all like using out teeth as pliers and an extra pair of scissors but, doing these things is bad in two ways. The first is that we bit to hard which we know can cause little fractures in our teeth. The second is that we tend to grind out teeth as we use them like scissors which wears down your teeth. So, avoid using your teeth as tools and make the walk to your tool drawers to use the right tools that are actually meant to cut your packages…It’s the better way.

We hope that you might considers NOT putting these things in your mouth! We like and you like healthy teeth so treat them well. As your Rexburg dentists we are committed to making your teeth last and looking bright for many years to come.

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